Monday, December 29, 2008

It goes on! What's the future?

I have taken a breather from politics and have enjoyed a wonderful time of Thanksgiving and celebration of the Savior's birth. I hope you also had a wonderful holiday season. This has been a monumental year for our family. It has been filled with tears of sorrow and tears of joy. It has brought a family together under extreme circumstances and the family has performed well. Our daughter survived due to a miracle - not only the burn injuries but also the trauma of the crash. It was meant for her to live and finish her mission with her family and others. And, in the meantime, we have learned you ask for what you need and accept what is given to you with gratitude. Stephanie will be coming home soon!

The newspapers have picked up on an exercise I am conducting regarding my chances in running for mayor of Provo. I have written a number of peer leaders in all parts of the city asking for a judgment on my electability and name ID in their part of town. I will be contacting these people in the next couple of months for an assessment. That is the only thing I have done and this exercise should not be construed as a decision to run for mayor. Local government has been appealing to me because it is where public servants meet the people face to face. I would like to hear your take on this prospective.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

To my constituents

I don't want to start the legislative year without thanking you again for your trust and overwhelming support for me. As I met with many of you on the campaign trail I mentioned my disappointment in not hearing from my constituents. Even when critical votes come up I seldom get constituent input. When the voucher votes came up (at least 3 times in the last eight years) I received very little reponse for or against on the issue. I am hoping this will change. I plea with you to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule during the upcoming session and let me know your opinion on issues. This is the only way I can know what my constituents are thinking - otherwise, I can only vote my best judgment. Feel free to email me at I hope to hear from you. Regards Steve

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My sincere gratitude

Hi friends, neighbors and constituents,

The votes haven't been counted 100% in District #63 but the Daily Herald called and said I won. I want to thank my wife Cindy and all my children including Stephanie (who is in the Maricopa Burn Center) and my grandchildren for their hard work and encouragement in my campaign. I thank my campaign manager David Morgan and his sister Barb for giving me good counsel. To all my supporters - especially those who put their name on the line in support of me I thank them for their courage and loyalty. And, to my constituents and voters of district 63 who put their trust in me thank you and know I will honor that trust and will serve you well.

To my friend Don Jarvis - who I respect even more - I congratulate him on a good clean race. He worked hard. I know we can meet each other on the street or in church and feel comfortable. There is no bad feelings or regrets. The difference is simply party affliation.

All Utah County Democrat opponents worked hard and ran tough races. The only Democratic loser was the strategist that dreamed up the cockamamie idea to have Democrats masquerade as Republicans. This strategist has been a switch hitter all his political career - he ran for the legislature as a Republican and lost then - now he has switched to a Democrat, talked his Democrat friends into running disguised as Republicans. Go figure!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

California Prop.8

President Packer told Arizonians in a Regional Conference held November 2, 2008 that if members of the church want to follow the brethren they should vote for Prop 8 in California and a similar proposition in Arizona.

The church has made the decision to stand firm for what is right regardless of the consequences. The Church will not drift with the times. I support its effort both in time and money to protect the sacred nature of marriage.

Consider this, the California Democratic Party has raised over $30 million to defeat Prop. 8 and the LDS church. The Republicans support the church. I am proud to be a Republican.

Talk all you want about hybrid Democrats in Utah County but the money Democrats raise and send to the National Party goes to support liberal inititives like Prop. 8. This is a "fact of life" and all the rhetoric about the "person not the party" is double talk - the person is the party.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! There's some scary things out there!

As the trick or treaters came to the door I made note of the scariest costumes. I saw a vampire with glistening fangs and blood running down his cheeks. Pretty scary! Then a ghost came by with black eyes peering out of the bedsheet. Pretty scary! Then I saw a witch flying on a broomstick writing messages in the sky. Pretty scary! But, the scariest costume of all was a donkey dressed up as an elephant! I almost fainted! Happy Halloween!

The truth is known!

I have been doing extensive investigative work as to why Democratic candidates don't make their support known for candidates for President of the United States. Our Democrat friends are surprisingly moot on the point. I haven't seen a sign, a piece of literature or a hint as who they are voting for particularly when Obama seems to be the odds on choice to be president.

However, in my investigations I have discovered who my opponent is voting for and it wasn't easy to find out. I have a strong suspicion he is voting for Obama. How do I know? Look at the "O" in "VOTE" on his blue signs and presto an Obama symbol - that's how I know. Brilliant! The truth is known. President Obama will never know there is a state named Utah.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Norm Thurston's Letter to the Editor

I suggest you look up Norm Thurston's letter to the editor in the Daily Herald. Simply put the Utah County Democratic candidates don't believe in their own party. They have gone to great lenghts to avoid being identified as Democrats. Then on the other side of the coin they cry out for a two party system. My question is if Democrats want to be Republicans and don't want to affiliate with the Democratic Party who is the other party going to be?

It is crazy to think voters don't understand this charade - the two party system in Utah is live and well. Short of government mandating an equal split between parties, the voters will continue to decide what the split will be and in my opinion party platforms will continue to be the determining factor.